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20 September 2012 @ 05:12 am
New story 'A New Era'  

I've written a short intro to a new story I'm attempting. Hope you like it!

Title: A New Era
Series: Chapter One, 327 words
Pairing/Character: Kyoya & Haruhi
Rating: K+
Summary: Kyouya finds away to meld familial piety with personal happiness.

Cross-posted to ouran_fanfics

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"You know better than anyone, Kyouya, that I am not accustomed to taking chances of any kind where our family's name and numbers are concerned."

"Nor am I asking you to, Father. I'm simply suggesting that my personal talents bring the Ohtori merit enough on their own, and that given the time to build professional stature, she will, too."

Despite the exasperation behind his sigh, Yoshio let show a grin. "You've put a lot of thought into this."

"To be honest, there is no chance involved. I've mapped calculations and plans on this matter time and again. I believe that for the time being, our personal merit will carry us far, and in time a plan like this will help prove the Ohtori to be a distinct step above the rest. Though in an unconventional way, this is a match and a plan that will help take our family name the distance."

Quietly facing a window, the elder man reminisced on his sons' still-young pasts. Three talented young men, overflowing with ambition and capability, with the world standing before them. Yet only the youngest of those sons took it upon himself to inject heart and creativity into his idea of familial piety. He was the only one who dared to set personal happiness alongside due respect for his father, all the while looking him straight in the eye. All three of his sons would do as they were told, but only the youngest would ever do so while seeing more than an inheritance waiting for him at the end of the road.

"Alright, Kyouya. You have my blessing on this. Though I feel obligated to inform you, that about one thing, you are wrong."


"You say this plan of yours is solid. That no room has been left for chance."

"That is correct."

Yoshio allowed himself a small, sympathetic laugh.

"Tell me, son. Has Miss Fujioka said yes, yet?"