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20 September 2012 @ 01:36 pm
'A New Era' Chapter 2  

Yeah... I'm on vacation this week, so let's see what else I might come up with. :)  I'm trying to keep them in character here. This is a new story situation for me, so I'm just flying by the seat of my pants and hoping it turns out the way it's supposed to.

Title: A New Era
Series: Chapter 2 of ?, 781 words
Pairing/Character: Kyoya & Haruhi
Rating: K+
Summary: Kyouya finds away to meld familial piety with personal happiness.

Cross-posted to ouran_fanfics

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She sighed. The finishing touches of law school graduation were upon her. A lifetime of schooling now done, by the end of the week Haruhi would be on her own. Though the law firm for which she had interned chose to pick her up as a full-time employee, there was a certain amount of difficulty in mustering any enthusiasm on this particular day.

Since the beginning of her days as a graduate student, rarely did a week go by when she did not find time to enjoy dinner and conversation with her old friend Kyouya Ohtori. While the undergrad years had not discounted them as friends, it was not until they ended up at the same university for their law and medical schools, that the two of them began making time for one another. Between intense schedules and deliberate moves to keep atop their respective fields, their weekly get-togethers had become a trusted outlet which could not be touched by the rest of the world.

Nearly a month had passed since their last meeting, and Haruhi was beginning to feel the wear on her heart. She sighed. It was her own fault.

"Your point in questioning my intentions eludes me, Haruhi. Why the sudden change in demeanor?"

"I'm not entirely sure, Senpai. But tell me; after I graduate, do you expect everything to stay the same?"

"Not really, no."

"I see. Neither do I."


"No. It's okay. There are seasons in each of our lives, and it would be foolish to pretend that nothing here is going to change. I've enjoyed all of this, but can it honestly go on much longer?"

"I don't see why not."

"Well, I do. We may still be young, Kyouya-Senpai, but you're in your medical residency, now. Soon enough I'll be a practicing lawyer. How much longer will you be able to comfortably stave off becoming an heiress's suitor?"

"For as long as I choose, I presume."

"No. Our time together is great. But what happens once you become engaged? What about when you're married? How inappropriate will it be for you to keep coming to visit me?"


"I don't very well like it, Senpai, but this is going to have to be it. We'll keep in touch, I promise. But if we're to both move forward, I won't allow myself to be a hindrance to you reaching your long-term goals."

Feeling a sting in her eyes, she smiled and stood up, turning on her heels while bidding him a heartfelt goodbye.

She sat down at her kitchen table with a groan.

"Now who's the idiot, Haruhi?"

Plunking her head down onto the table, the day's mail scattered to the floor. Reaching down to pick it up, a personalized envelope stood out from the rest. Tears gathered in her eyes as the envelope's handwriting made the sender's identity known. Taking a deep breath, she opened it.


You asked me if I believed that our friendship and routine could in the future stay the same. I'll answer now as I answered then: No. Why you feel that is automatically a bad thing, I do not know.

During our days at Ouran, you maintained a perception for peoples' true personalities and intentions in a manner unlike anyone else I know. When the rest of the host club returned to Japan, I chose to spend my undergraduate years in Boston , mostly to be away from you. To allow myself an attempt at life without the only female I've found it worth having affection for. For three years, I left my discrete methods of attaining information behind (at least where you're concerned), met new people, and continued to excel in my studies. All of this, still both your company and well-being remained at the front of my mind.

There was no need for me to worry about where you would attend law school. Striving for our academic bests ensured me that we'd be near each other again; at which point, finding you would be the first thing I do.

You're a smart woman, Haruhi. I had counted on you understanding my unspoken feelings, hoping that I would somehow stand out from the rest. Then, you've always been a bit absent-minded in that regard.

Perhaps I went about this all wrong, and should have courted you in a more traditional way. Perhaps in waiting for your graduation I have ruined something that could have been great. Let's hope not.

As always, you have my sincerest of regards.


How she managed to finish reading, she did not know. At some point during reading his letter, Haruhi had broken into sobs, her mind having gone completely blank.