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23 September 2012 @ 02:01 am
'A New Era' Chapter 3  
Good Morning/Evening!  I coming bearing Chapter 3!  This story might have one or two more chapters after this one, but I know it'll be drawing to a close, shortly. I hope it's been enjoyable reading!

Title: A New Era
Series: Chapter 3 of ?, 433 words
Pairing/Character: Kyoya & Haruhi
Rating: T
Summary: Kyouya finds away to meld familial piety with personal happiness.

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Haruhi's father hugged her hard, beaming at her achievements and reminiscing over each of the events she had persevered through while coming so far. His hug tightened as they were approached by a familiar face making its way through the graduation crowd. Ryouji offered the young man a nod before releasing Haruhi, and turning her around.

Internally startled by his presence, she offered a calm smile.


"Haruhi. Congratulations."

"Thank you, Senpai. How long have you been here?"

"Long enough to know that several people seem to find you both exceptional and impressive."

Feeling a tear in her heart, Haruhi looked down. "Kyouya-Senpai, I really am sorry."

"Oh? What for?"

Not entirely sure why, Haruhi was surprised at his request for specifics.

"Several things. Ultimately, though, for having not been upfront with you."

"I see. Well, of that I suppose we are both guilty."

She continued to stare at the ground, not sure what else there was to say.

Kyouya let out a deep breath. After receiving no response to his letter, he arrived at Haruhi's graduation ceremony with the simple intention of voicing himself to her.

"The fact is, that I don't like being away from you. Keeping each other penciled into our schedules was fine for a while, but it's no longer good enough. As formulaic as it can sometimes be, by tailoring the details, I plan on living an overall fascinating life. But without you, Haruhi, it wouldn't be nearly as interesting."

His words leaving her with an ubiquitous warmth, she could think of nothing left to say. Taking Kyouya by the hand, Haruhi met his gaze and smiled.

He grasped her palm tighter.

"Just marry me, already."

The months since Haruhi's law school graduation continued to come and go, with none of them playing out as she'd imagined. The work was difficult, yet satisfying. Where she had once envisioned a young woman striving to right and balance the world on her own, now stood an even more confident young woman, leaning into her challenges and secure in the knowledge that she had the love of another to back her up.



"It seems as though we've been here before."

He smiled, staring down at her delicate, porcelain form.

"Indeed, I believe we have. Though, I do prefer the circumstances behind tonight's situation as opposed to the last."


Emboldened by the look of adoration across her new husband's face, Haruhi found the internal strength to place her hands on Kyouya's hips, and slowly guide him forward.